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Direct Accounting

Accountancy and Business Management Services

Accounts Preparation

Every business needs to have accounts prepared whether it's a limited company, sole trader, partnership or LLP. The accounting requirements vary depending upon your type of business but we take care of all that.

Direct Accounting will advise you as to what is and what isn't allowable for tax purposes to ensure that your business complies with current legislation, operates within the law and pays as little tax as necessary.

We will also offer advice and suggestions on your bookkeeping to make your life (and ours) easier.


Business Start up Advice

When you have made the decision to 'go it alone' there are inevitably a lot of questions to answer. What type of business should it be, a sole trader, a Limited Company, what are the differences? We are here to explain the differences, listen to your business plan and advise accordingly, we can assist with the registration of your business with H M Revenue & Customs, explain and obtain the VAT Registration if required, register the business as an employer and get the payroll running. We can advise of bank requirements and assist in cashflow and profit and loss forecasts.

More importantly, we want to be involved and we want to help. If running a business was easy everyone would be doing it.


Tax Advice and Planning

Tax advice is always based upon your current financial position and the current rules and regulations. If the rules change then what was best advice yesterday may not be today. As long as you keep us informed of your plans and long term objectives we will try our best to ensure that you and your circumstances are as tax efficient as they can be.

We may not know all the answers straight away but we probably know someone who does.


Payroll and CIS Returns

If you employ anybody you will need to complete up to date staff records and details of all earnings and payments. You need to know which tax code and National Insurance letter to use. You will also need to be aware of minimum wage levels and employment procedures.
If you are a contractor operating within the construction industry you must register any sub contractors with H M Revenue & Customs prior to making any payments. You must also complete and electronically submit a Monthly Contractors Return.

We offer payroll facilities so all you have to do is provide us with the staff details and the amount you wish to pay then. We will produce payslips, tell you how much you need to pay over to H M Revenue & Customs and submit the Contractors Return and any other statutory requirements online.


VAT returns

Are you sure that you are completing your VAT returns correctly? Might there be another way of calculating your VAT liability that is financially better for you? Are you aware of the rules regarding sales and purchases to EC countries? Do you need to complete intrastat returns?

We will happily prepare and submit your VAT returns on your behalf
If we prepare your annual accounts we will check the returns submitted during the year as a matter of course.



Self assessment Tax Returns

Knowing which figures to put in the boxes on your tax return can be daunting. Knowing which allowances and tax reliefs you are entitled to is confusing. Trying to work out how much tax you owe or simply accepting the figures prepared by H M Revenue & Customs. You give us the information that we need and we will prepare, complete and electronically submit your return on your behalf. And if the tax man asks any questions we will answer them for you.